Roll Wrapping Machine

Standard Features

Roll Wrapping Machine

Krishna Engineering Works dealing on manufacturing and exporting Roll Wrapping Machine from India. A genuine specialized supplier of Wrapping Machine. We are a leading manufacture, export, and supplier of Roll Wrapping Machine. Our machines are designed with a wide range of quality for long lasting heavy duty process, especially for cutting in different sizes from 12 mm to 1000 mm. We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of all types of Roll Wrapping , Stretch Wrapping , Stretch Roll Wrap Machine , Carton, Water Tank , Cloth Roll , Nylon Roll,  etc. Also, manufacturer of Doctoring Rewinding Machine

Different Types of Roll Wrapping Machine:

  • Roll Wrapping
  • Reel Wrapping
  • Pallet Wrapping
  • Mini Roll Wrapping
  • Ring Wrapping
  • Carton Box
  • Coil Wrapping
  • Stretch Film
  • Door Wrapping
  • Water Tank

Basic Standard Features:

  • Highly economical and huge savings over shrink packing/gunny bundles
  • Suitable for packing any rolls of Denim Cloth, Curtain Cloth, Carpets, Foam sheets, Upholsteries, Fabrics, Film, Paper etc.
  • Occupies less space
  • High productivity 30 – 50 rolls/hour
  • Tremendous savings in labour, time and money
  • Highly durable dust and moisture proof packing
  • Powered Pre-Stretch unit to minimize film consumption
  • Variable stretch percentage up to 300%
  • Adjustable traverse to suit different roll width
  • Controlled film tension
  • Variable Overlap, Variable End Reinforcements, Variable Stretch Percentage and Variable Roller Speed
  • Digital counters for end reinforcement wrap setting, film consumption and stretch percentage display
  • Simple to operate, sturdy & safety control panel
  • Cradle for easy loading of film
  • Easy loading and unloading of Fabric roll and ease of integration into conveyor lines
  • High energy saving-more than 90% saving over shrink wrapping
  • Minimum service points
  • Payback period is only few months
  • Excellent after-sales-service support
  • 12 months warranty

Technical Specification


Height (above GL) 350 mm
Speed 50 meters/minute
Maximum stretch 300%
Installed power 1.5 kW
Power supply 220V, Single phase, 50Hz
  • Protection against moisture and dust
  • Prevent telescoping of rolls
  • Save packaging cost, Labour and time
  • Better identifications of wrapped products
  • Give stability to the product
  • Economical way of packaging


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