Rotogravure Flexo on Extruder

Standard Features

Rotogravure Flexo On Extruder

We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality Rotogravure Flexo On Extruder. We have successfully installed Online Single / Two Colors Flexo Printing machines on Extruder Machine size 18″ to 40″. The Units are specifically designed to avoid spending on new flexo printing machine . Rotogravure Flexo On Extruder with client’s requirement in different range. We are also manufacturer of Rotogravure Printing Machine in 4,6,8,10 color size

  • We offers comprehensive rang of Rotogravure Flexo on Extruder with premium quality.
  • Simple installation: Easy to install in line with extruder in between extruder and winder.
  • No additional Labour: By a simple training any extruder operator can manage the printing operation.
  • Small investment: Very low cost when compared to most of the rotogravure printing machines.
  • No Power requirement: The is derive drive from the existing winder and hence no additional power is required.
  • Occupy small space: Shall fit in the space between most of the extruders and winders.

Electrical Specifications:
No Additional power is required unless optional motor drive is mounted. Motor drive can be provided depending on the size of the extruder

Optional Attachments:
Motor Drive for the unit to ensure independent torque to the extrusion side and smooth winding at the winder

Corona Discharger: Surface treatment is necessary for the proper adhering of printing ink to the surface of the film. Corona Discharger can give proper surface treatment for the plastic films. For the extruder which is not fitted with corona discharger can be provided with new corona discharger of suitable size.
Additional Cylinder holding shafts: Additional Rotogravure cylinder holding shafts will speed up the change over of the print jobs.
Additional Impression Rollers: Different print job require different size rotogravure cylinders and each size cylinder require suitable rubber impression roller. We can provide any size of impression rubber rollers.

Technical Specification

Web width Height Width Length
45 CM 1 Meter 75 CM 50 CM
60 CM 1 Meter 100 CM 50 CM
90 CM 1 Meter 120 CM 50 CM
120 CM 1 Meter 150 CM 50 CM


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