Lamination Machine

Standard Features

Lamination Machine

  • High quality Lamination Machine manufacturer, exporter and supplier from last 25 years. Film Laminating Machine use polyester (PET) film as its base film, adhesive (EVA resin) is evenly applied on one side of the polyester (PET) film, also different type of Coating Machine and Slitting Machine Manufacturer
  • Lamination Machine with range from 300mm to 1500mm.
  • Available tunnel Length 15 feet to 45 feet.
  • All Lamination Machine with specific shape of tunnel for proper guide to substrate.
  • Thermally efficient design uses less power.

Technical Specification

  • High Printing speed to meet high – volume orders Precise Printing quality for superior reproductions Simultaneous two job Printing for more productivity, Energy saving for Lower operational costs Easy operational that saves labor.
  • Registration Accuracy Strong and rebuts structure for Zero vibrations Quick Loading of Print Cylinders to minimize downtime Auto stop for Web Heater Thermostat for Power saving Helical Gears for Smoother movement Hard Chromed Anilox & Cylinder Rollers for Sharper Images Digital Counter Duplex System with to unwind and rewind stations to run two jobs at the same time Reveres printing – 1+5 or 2+4 or 3+3.
  • Web Width : 400 – 2400mm
  • Unwind Rewind Diameter : 600 – 1000mm
  • Hot Air Temp : 50 – 150 / 250°C
  • Machine Speed : 60 – 200 M/Min.
  • Heat Source : Hot Air Generator (Optional)
  • Exhaust : 5 HP
  • Synchronized Drive : 5 HP/5 / 7.5,10 / 3 HP for Coater, Nip, Rewind & Positive Drive (Optional)
  • Material to be Laminated : Polyester/Poly/Paper/BOPP/Aluminum Foil/HDPE Fabrics etc.


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